Three generations of winemakers, a single passion.
Oscar is a vine-whisperer, but prefers acts to words: he pursues the perfect arch of the cane, the elegant power of a Sauvignon, the “three glasses” award. Before the Collio became well known, before wine and wine bars became trendy, he was in the vineyards, tending to his vines, silently.
Denis, Oscar e Patrick Sturm.
The Collio is a land on the edge, and of course many stories intertwine along the border.

Back in 1850 the Sturm family set their roots in Zegla, where the slopes were blessed by plenty of sunshine, clear, fresh air and rich soil. Today, Denis and Patrick are the Yin and Yang of the estate and winery; two faces of the same leaf. You perceive how far these three generations of winemakers have come in the expression of the eyes of Oscar’s sons.
The delicate work of crafting wine also requires discipline: after the hard work in the vineyard, after putting all your attention in the perfect ripening of the berries, there is the slow metamorphosis in the winery and wine cellar. “I trust my intuition and my experience though I do try not to leave anything to chance. What I pursue is: structure and elegance. Stainless steel definitely comes to my aid. Stainless steel stands for technology, as well as power and precision.”
“After earning a Master Degree in Economy you start perceiving the vines in a different manner: you approach them with a different mentality”. Denis Sturm’s glance goes far beyond the hills that frame Zegla. Being a Bocconian (as are called the alumni of the well recognised Bocconi University) he knows that the wine market demands visions and values. He is the very person to outline the visions and values and lead the company name to new, bigger goals.
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