Ribolla Gialla 2018

Freshness turned gold.

Ribolla grapes are those that kids recognize and love the most, being golden like the nuggets in fairy tales. They were once fermented into poor table wine to quench the thirst after a long day of work in the fields – a wine that was easy and flowed like words.
We have maintained all the traditional naturalness, but have reinterpreted its freshness
with a modern twist! The yellow has turned to gold, as precious as our terroir,
lively like flowers in the spring, and scented like the green cover crop that nurtures
the soil of our organic vineyards.

Ribolla Gialla

  • An organic approach to vineyard management entails respecting the rules and regulations in place as well as adhering to an overall philosophy of safeguarding the ecosystem and its cycles. Respect not only for the life cycle of the vines but for the lunar cycles, upon which we set the calendar of our work. Indeed, the phases of the moon determine when and how we carry out the various processes in the vineyard and in the winery. We strictly harvest the grapes when they are ripe to perfection to further select only the best clusters destined for natural vinification.

    The entire production cycle requires considerable effort and pursuit for perfection, with utmost respect for nature and all its forms of life. The reward, however, is a healthy, clean environment with an interesting biodiversity, brought about by the many different plants, herbs, flowers, insects and wildlife that inhabit our vineyards, which naturally contribute to the sustainability and safeguard of the entire ecosystem.

  • Average vineyard age: 35 years
    Vine training system: cappuccina and guyot
    Harvesting period: September
    Area of Production: Cormòns (GO)

  • The grapes are destemmed and undergo maceration using the Ganimede method. This process allows for a delicate extraction of the noble compounds of the grapes, using fermentation gases to constantly agitate the mass of marc and skins within the fermenter. Dynamic skin maceration takes places in an environment that is saturated with carbon dioxide thus protected from any oxidation and bacterial proliferation. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 18°C.
    Once racked, the wine spends a few months on the lees and then is bottled.

  • Pervasive freshness on the nose, the notes of Golden apple and apricot have ripened offering further complexity. Bright yellow color with golden highlights. The palate is ample and satisfying: it speaks of the land and our terroir; the sapid, mineral not gives it freshness and luster. In the sun it shines like gold.

  • Most pleasant served as an aperitif, it is an ideal companion for fish starters of all kinds. Our land is a great companion to our sea.


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