The red wine you imagine:
very generous and true to its terroir

In the Collio Area it is the red wine par excellence so it was a natural choice for us to make it our first organic red wine. Born under the sign of fire, it generously offers a cornucopia of emotions. One that is easy to love, Merlot is deep and round. It is a superb mirror of the vintage, changing every year though remaining true to itself.

Star sign: Sagittarius.
Favourite Colour: red.

Sustainability: organic wine
Tasting profile
Food pairing

An organic approach to vineyard management entails respecting the rules and regulations in place as well as adhering to an overall philosophy of safeguarding the ecosystem and its cycles. Respect not only for the life cycle of the vines but for the lunar cycles, upon which we set the calendar of our work. Indeed, the phases of the moon determine when and how we carry out the various processes in the vineyard and in the winery. We strictly harvest the grapes when they are ripe to perfection to further select only the best clusters destined for natural vinification.

The entire production cycle requires considerable effort and pursuit for perfection, with utmost respect for nature and all its forms of life. The reward, however, is a healthy, clean environment with an interesting biodiversity, brought about by the many different plants, herbs, flowers, insects and wildlife that inhabit our vineyards, which naturally contribute to the sustainability and safeguard of the entire ecosystem.

Average vineyard age: 30 years

Vine training system: guyot

Harvesting period: end of September - October

Area of Production: Cormòns and Mossa, (Gorizia)

The grapes are de-stemmed and left to macerate with the skins and their natural yeasts for a long time.

During this period, fermentation is assisted by regular remontage, delestage and air mixing.

Once racked, the wine ages for several months before being bottled.

Warm and fruit-driven with lots of cherry and red berries. Its color is a deep ruby red. On the nose it displays morello cherry and little wild berries followed by pronounced spice. In the mouth it is sure-footed, well-orchestrated and pervasive. It offers redcurrant, blueberry and liquorice with pronounced balsamic notes.

Excellent long finish.

It beautifully complements charcoal-grilled red meats, and is particularly intriguing paired with hard cheeses (Montasio Stravecchio, Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino Sardo) and blue cheeses (Gorgonzola and Roquefort).


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