Sun, earth, fruit.
Scents of the Adriatic.

Sailing the Mediterranean Sea, the Dalmatian coast on one side and the Italian coast on the other, you reach the Adriatic Sea. Just as the ancient Greeks did.

A vast expanse of pure blue caressed by a breeze filled with the scent of thyme, salt, and rosemary. Our Malvasia is peppery and balsamic. It offers the freshness of a splash of sea water on the warm summer skin.

Zodiac sign: Pisces.
Favourite color: sage, the grey-green color of herbs in the sunshine.

Tasting profile
Food pairing

Average age of vineyards: 20 years

Vine training system: guyot

Harvesting period: September

Harvest: by hand

Vineyard location: Cormòns (GO)

The grapes are de-stemmed and cold macerated. Fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks under a controlled temperature (14-16°C). This wine spends a few months on the lees and is then bottled.

Dry, appealing though genuine. Freshness that evokes the sea in summer. Both stubborn and irresistible, true to the character of a Malvasia. Its color is a straw-hued pale yellow with greenish highlights. On the nose it allures with its peppery notes and Mediterranean fine herbs: rosemary, sage, and thyme.

A balsamic, medicinal note on the palate made elegant by beautifully perfect acidity.

Loves fish. It is a wine that cleanses the palate, nicely complementing shellfish. Since time immemorial this wine has coupled with the cuisine of the coast lying between Trieste and Dubrovnik, flirting with scampi recipes, drizzling over scallops, perfectly prepared scallops, infusing its aroma into the sea truffles served in the taverns of Croatia.

We know that our Malvasia has often been seduced by Dalmatian style seafood stew, or by a juicy tuna steak fresh from the sea in front of Sebenico, served with figs and rosemary!


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