A great wine,
crafted with the skills
acquired from the fathers
and the care of the sons.

In our local vernacular we say “bevìnsi un taj” – which broadly translates into “let’s have a glass of wine” – when we meet friends and want to catch up with them. This ritual has remained the same since time immemorial, long before wine became a posh get-together drink. In the old days the Pillars of Hercules that delimited the small peasant world were the wooden benches around a central hearth locally known as “fogolàr”, or little beyond the rural home, the mulberry trees at the end of the vineyard. Tocai Friulano was the wine shared by the community: the “Friulano”. The “Friulano”, full stop. And as the days followed nights and nights followed days for moons and moons the sons became fathers. The vineyards are now organic: and the ancient skills and traditional practices will be passed on through generations for a long time still to come.


An organic approach to vineyard management entails respecting the rules and regulations in place as well as adhering to an overall philosophy of safeguarding the ecosystem and its cycles. Respect not only for the life cycle of the vines but for the lunar cycles, upon which we set the calendar of our work. Indeed, the phases of the moon determine when and how we carry out the various processes in the vineyard and in the winery. We strictly

harvest the grapes by hand when they are ripe to perfection to further select only the best clusters destined for natural vinification.

The entire production cycle requires considerable effort and pursuit for perfection, with utmost respect for nature and all its forms of life. The reward, however, is a healthy, clean environment with an interesting biodiversity, brought about by the many different plants, herbs, flowers, insects and wildlife that inhabit our vineyards, which naturally contribute to the sustainability and safeguard of the entire ecosystem.

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