Cabernet Franc

A red wine tenaciously rooted in its land and herbaceous enough to be true to its nature.

Its legacy is this land, our family. It is down-to-earth yet sensitive, and requires skillful hands in the vineyard and careful crafting in the winery. Franc named after its French origins – Gironda – and with a reference to our mother tongue, Friulano, in which “franc” means honest and straightforward. And frank it is! After aging in oak barrels, the tannins and the aromas mingle perfectly in this dark cherry red wine filled with red berry flavors. It is warm and enveloping, and its herbaceous character also makes it refreshing and open.

Star sign: Cancer.
Favourite color: magenta.

Cabernet Franc

Tasting profile
Food pairing
Average vineyard age: 30 years
Vine training system: guyot
Harvesting period: end of September - October
Vineyard location: Cormòns (Gorizia)

The grapes are de-stemmed and left to macerate for a long time. During this period, fermentation is assisted by regular remontage, delestage and air mixing. Once racked, the wine ages in oak barrique before being bottled.

Honest and persuasive. It has a very appealing dark ruby red color. On the nose it offers a cocktail of red berries along with slight herbaceous and peppery notes. In the mouth it is full, forthright and well-orchestrated, with depth of flavor and sweet tannins.

It is a classic red wine of Friuli. It goes well with dishes of the traditional local cuisine of Friuli, such as Frico, salami sautéed in vinegar, and Brovada e Muset (pork-rind sausage served with red wine pickled turnip slaw).


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