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“Sturm Honey”: Here’s the recipe!

Arm yourself with a good dose of a love of the land while all the while spreading ‘green’ manure rich in essences and wildflowers among the vines. Put your trust in your green fingers and boost biodiversity in your vineyards using natural methods and biodynamic practices. Then add a touch of nostalgia for the days of yore when natural remedies cured and fed without creating side effects. And finally, take endless pains in finding the ideal spot to position your beehives. This is what we have done to make our dream of creating “Sturm Honey” come true. The bees have been working for months and, from morning to evening, buzz busily between the woods, vineyards and hives which we have placed right on top of the hill where the pollen flows naturally driven on the wind. Stay tuned: Sturm Honey will be soon packaged and available. We have always wanted to do this not just for our children, but also for yours. Because we believe that a healthy land and authentic way of living are the most valuable legacy to leave to those who come after us.