Andritz Bianco

Close your eyes:
essence is concentration
and is part of our DNA.

It is the result of beauty, precision, and our utmost care and passion.
Great care and method paired with a wise use of wood. Each grape berry gives its best in andritz by offering all the minerality, characteristic of these carefully tended hill slopes, and ripening to perfection during the warm summer evenings. The result Is exceptional: it is pure strength, character and elegance combined. Only the perfectly ripe clusters are carefully selected and harvested from our best vineyards.
True persistence.
The patience of waiting for the right moment!
Andritz in Styria in the southeast of Austria, is the native place from where, over a century ago, our forefathers came to set roots in the Collio.

Sauvignon, Friulano
Sustainability: organic wine
Tasting profile
Food pairing

An organic approach to vineyard management entails respecting the rules and regulations in place as well as adhering to an overall philosophy of safeguarding the ecosystem and its cycles. Respect not only for the life cycle of the vines but for the lunar cycles, upon which we set the calendar of our work. Indeed, the phases of the moon determine when and how we carry out the various processes in the vineyard and in the winery. We strictly harvest the grapes when they are ripe to perfection to further select only the best clusters destined for natural vinification.

The entire production cycle requires considerable effort and pursuit for perfection, with utmost respect for nature and all its forms of life. The reward, however, is a healthy, clean environment with an interesting biodiversity, brought about by the many different plants, herbs, flowers, insects and wildlife that inhabit our vineyards, which naturally contribute to the sustainability and safeguard of the entire ecosystem.

Average vineyard age: 40 years

Vine training system: guyot

Harvesting period: September

Vineyard location: Cormòns (GO)

The grapes are destemmed and undergo cold maceration using the Ganimede method. This process allows for a delicate extraction of the noble compounds of the grapes, using fermentation gases to constantly agitate the mass of marc and skins within the fermenter.

Dynamic skin maceration takes places in an environment that is saturated with carbon dioxide thus protected from any oxidation and bacterial proliferation. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 18°C.

The wine is then racked part into stainless steel tanks and part in 500-liter tonneau barrels. It spends a few months on the lees and then it is assembled and bottled. The wine ages then for a further period in the bottle before being released.

Floral, alluring, complex. It presents a golden yellow color and a nice fluidity.

The nose of jasmine and bergamot is intense and elegant with hints of flint and Williams pear that mingle, offering a pleasingly warm sensation.

In the mouth it is harmonious, intense and mineral and offers a long sensory experience with its persistence and pleasant after taste.

It particularly complements vegetable soups and fish chowders.

Excellent paired with seafood risottos and grilled fish.